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Xin Chào!


Uyen here, or you can call me June.

I’m a curious and ambitious designer based in Spokane, Washington. I think of myself as an explorer of information and design, as well as a user-focused visual organizer. I use empathy to problem solve and understand human emotions in a way that reflects in my design. I love the ability to transform concepts into reality, and I strive to create versatile designs that visually impact the audience.

I’m always fascinated by different designs around me, that’s why I want to use my creative skillset and abilities to create meaningful experiences while also encouraging the audience to be more environmentally conscious when seeing my designs.

Meet Uyen

Hi, it's me again! I'm a proud Vietnamese designer that has been living in the U.S. since 2015. I recently graduated from Eastern Washington University with my Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design as well as a User Experience Design Certificate. I was fortunate to acquire three different design internships as well as a project with Avista Energy Innovation Lab, where I worked as a UX/Infographic Designer, all during the course of my study.

My interests lie in UI/UX/Production Design, Typography, Editorial Design, and Logo & Brand Identity. But that's not all, I'm also eager to learn more about 2D & 3D/Animation and Motion Design. As a mystery/horror fanatic, I absolutely adore tasty food, good music, alpacas, and plants!

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